Life Full Circle . Technological Future to a Tribal Past

Society has traveled quite a pace with technology. Felipe Daguila talks about another leg of that journey involving IoT and a follow-up to IoT called living systems. He makes some good points for critical analysis as to the potentially disruptive nature of IoT. Tremendous optimism exists in many technology initiatives. I am optimistic on some parts though not the whole. Rather than zero in on the issues, let us look at the broader picture of life. A more interesting idea is where some of science confirms the contentions of ancient wisdom. Where could a dilute (spread across centuries) but definitive cadence of confirmations lead?

An intense furrowing through the depths of the unknown is underway in proportion to the size of our population. Technologies rise, are tried, and displaced. New celestial discoveries are made, galactic super clusters, forms of energy, principles of distance and time. Far more beyond these. Eventually, we may even understand planetary ecology enough to influence climate and revitalize natural ecosystems. Our understanding of how nature operates greatly expands. Yearnings for the simple life (knowing and experiencing) with the benefits of technology (observing and doing).

Although we may have false starts on the problem of jobs and social strife, we continue to make significant progress on matters of a material nature. What we craft with our hands is under our control. Since people come from nature itself, the prerogatives of a certain scope of nature are encoded within people. Conservation of energy, holistic integration, and relational concordance. We cannot escape the fact that the part of us that breaths is bound to this living nature. Though we can think differently at times, a natural law exists around and within our expression of existence.

As society collectively gropes with discoveries and creations that master nature, it may actually be a cycle of reorientation. A process in which our experiments lead us through a journey reminiscent of the song, In the Year 2525 (video / lyrics). Though unplanned by present and past generations, the confirmations of our scientific and technological endeavors may point to central truths right under our nose. Truths written about and spoken ages before. Would our efforts to be entirely different have been a huge waste of time? Maybe. Or maybe it is how an entire civilization truly learns. Ultimately we may come full circle to the lives lead by our earliest ancestors but perhaps with even greater wisdom and tolerance the next time around.


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