Daily Living in the Reality of Climate Change

Robert Redford is one of my favorite actors. I was absolutely captivated by his performance in the movie, The Last Castle. He is very effective in film and apparently in life in communicating messages of importance. Recently, he took to pen to describe the situation of climate change. Many who read about climate change probably says to themselves, “well, it is something the politicians have to work out”. I often find myself saying that often enough.

Climate change does seem like this big thing. A large project that will require large science, large budgets, and big action. It will, but the efforts of millions of people can make just as much a difference if not more. One person, you, me, whoever, multiplied times all of us can decide in our daily lives, going about our daily business to do some different things.

Simply decide more is not better. Electronics that use less energy is a great start. Fortunately, the electronics industry has heard that call early enough and are making tremendous strides in producing machines of various kinds that run longer, run better, with less juice. Embracing that will be good for the long-term health of things. We can obviously go further than that in our radio emissions as well.

How we eat. Some kinds of food requires more energy than others and traditionally work within a broader system that bear huge costs on the overall infrastructure and environment. We should eat the way we want but there are ways to eat that may contribute to a more sustainable future for the generations that follow.

What we wear and how often we operate washing machines. Simpler apparel that requires less maintenance. Again, these are just ideas. The point is, there is a growing body of literature out there and ideas from our ancestors on how we might adapt our living to be in harmony with economics, resource availability, and the continued nurturing existence of the wider ecology.

The things we each individually do can add up to a positive balance. It need not be a conformist way, a homogeneous way. We do not all have to live in the same generic way to improve the life for everyone. We can be individuals but we can also make decisions that contribute well to the life of all others now and to come.


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