Universal Surveillance and the 4th of July

People see the continued push for universal surveillance and some are appalled. I once had concerns about the idea of universal surveillance. After some time, I decided to make peace with it. More of us may do well to accept universal surveillance. A few reasons.

It begins with the idea that people have to be governed.

That is the overarching theme.

Guiding the society.


Next, there is a small collection of people who have thoughts about how life should be for everyone else. These people are not the elected officials. These people do not hold a public office. They tell politician and leaders what to do. Who are they?

By the way, this is not conspiracy theory, it is logic and common sense.

In every town there is always a small, influential, powerful family who has the ears of the local leaders. People don’t talk about that sort of thing on the Internet, maybe this is the first time or maybe I haven’t look far enough, but people definitely talk about that subject in private. On a national and global scale? You got families of the same kind, they just have more power.

Where else does that insight come from? Who hasn’t had ideas about how things should be? The difference is, there are private individuals with the power to make their ideas a reality through the public governing mechanisms and media.

They are the gatekeepers and the ultimate governors of the more visible gatekeepers. They have the real connections, the real information. They have the real money. They have the real world leverage and you either do what they say or you suffer. Death is not their way, social and/or psychological pain is their way. Through various means. Some people who encounter such persons will willingly take the suffering than sell out. The successful people do the smart thing and make sure they advance the direction given, usually implicitly stated or by how a person adheres to how they have been socialized.

Mental note: Traditionally, I have not been one of those smart people despite being smart in other ways.

Anyway, I make this process sound easy but it is not. What is the big problem facing the agenda of those who would govern? It is very simple. Mass uprising. Society out numbers the elite. The whole program is about getting people to follow a general direction while reducing resistance below an ungovernable level.

That is where universal surveillance comes into play. It exists the way it is now because of the Internet. The Internet makes it possible for everyone considered part of regular life to know what is going on at the ground level. That poses a challenge to authority if the freedom to assemble was allowed carte blanche.

Universal surveillance was going to exist whether people wanted it or not and the Internet was a calculated risk that is paying off. The industry, the incentive money involved in e-commerce, the ability to know what books we read, how we think based on what we say on social media, and so on is all there. I expose myself knowingly because I have personally accepted the risks in exchange for some of the conveniences. Regardless, the vast opportunity of the Internet has been an incentive to build out this Web of collection. There is nothing anyone can do about that. Eventually, even the free parts of it that accelerated its development will eventually be reigned in through various laws and commerce rules and prohibitions on creative and intellectual expression.

There is a vision for how the entire society will live. Who is to say it will be an unhappy future? The plans are already drawn up. Fortunately, we are not being forced into this future, just gentle nudges. Deals have been made and those who would be the public face of these changes have been rewarded with sophisticated promises of compensation. Not outright bribes but money that flows to descendants and benefits imparted in a less traceable way. Very generous and silky ways to trap people but it is not really a trap if you agree knowing what you gain. What say those who are the beneficiaries?

That is the way of the world. You will be watched, you will guided, and you will be placed in situations appropriate to who you are and how you are. It will be like the frog in boiling water metaphor. It doesn’t happen so quick that people become outraged, it all slowly bakes in over generations until eventually the mission has been accomplished under the cooperation of generations of stewards.

Things you witness today have an origin further back in time. Some people are discredited for stating these things. Sometimes people who agree inwardly will publicly distance themselves from such commentary to instinctively avoid the sanctions that could ensue.

All such a curious if not ironic reflection as we proceed towards this year’s Celebration of Independence.

Needless to say, revolutions may yet have been a mask with hallowed forefathers quietly but knowing participants in unfolding an experimental crucible to explore new ideas in the expression of undaunted authority. The result is the trend of societies towards the outcomes we see today. That is why I now accept much of what I see. A pattern of social configuration that always emerges to which no known secular philosophy exists as a successful alternative. In all probability, given the recurring patterns of influential families who yearn to express their ideas for living, the outcome seen today into tomorrow truly is inevitable.


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