Chattanooga Incident (7/16) and Grievance Expression

The fatal actions against members of the military in Chattanooga was not just an act of malice but of cowardice. Eventually, the pretext for the action will be known. Full honors should be bestowed to those who fell. Their efforts where part of the greater the cause of the living to be as they will.

At times, the risk is no less great serving closer to home. Yet, steps can be taken to reduce the incidence of such situations in the future. One of those is to refit the windows of all buildings in which civil organizations operate with glass fully resistant to impact. This will go a long ways towards the future safety of personnel within.

Often we hear sharp rhetoric over policies. A wiser way to discuss these matters probably would be just as effective. Others may be adverse to the apparent momentum of societal change. Matters of economics broils many. None of this can really be ignored. Such grievances aired with incendiary conviction is hardly effective. A better example is probably more apt.

Downing official buildings or otherwise causing harm to those in official capacities is as wrong as it is for other situations. A civilized structure in this world exists in which consensus can be achieved. Efforts that occurred in the 1960s and 70s showed many productive examples of peaceful advocacy. Perhaps a time has come to cultivate this as a path to a better expression of the grievances requiring resolution.


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