A Possible Glitch in the Bacon-Seaweed Business Plan

It is fabulous that a seaweed strain has been cultivated that has twice the nutritional punch as kale. Those who have embraced a plant-based diet the world over would seem to be clambering for such a development. Only one problem. The smell.

Many of those who have a plant-based diet may have an altered taste preference. Sometimes the aroma of expertly marinated steak from a nearby barbecue captures the senses. However, the idea of actually tasting meat to tongue can produce a negative, stomach churning reaction. Dairy based products like cheese may not do that for as many people (though straight white milk may be a different story), but pork most certainly.

Pork may just not be on the menu for many. Unlike the careful aroma of steak, it can be as repulsive and deadly to the senses as garlic is for others. The possibilities of the red seaweed as processed wafers or traditional plant-like strands may be appealing, but fried, well that does bear further thought.


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