Real-life Expectations of Money and High Success

On Quora, I answered a question about the value of money and what it can do for you. Great income, substantial savings, and liquid assets are powerful ways to engage with the fullness that both life and society has to offer. Abraham Maslow got the basic structure right with his pyramid. Persistent, debilitating strife can be the life of those who continuously occupy the low rungs of that pyramid. Yet, what is the true cost of moving far to the other end of the scale?

Sometimes, our yearning to hit escape velocity from the bottom rungs of physical, material, and social adversity can mislead us as to the total usefulness of wealth. I found that no more apparent than the story by Stephanie Land. She observes that sometimes the journey up takes more than it gives back. She describes this situation with great clarity.

The story she relates I have also seen personally. Exceptions do exist, but great wealth does not guarantee a full existence. The road there for some can mean giving back much of the health and peace of mind you had at the beginning on the journey. Partly, it is about the central place of balance in our lives including the relationship to wealth.


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