Life in Pictures with Less Words

People have wondered if there were pictures from some of the descriptions posted. I have consolidated some of those pictures on a separate blog. They are pictures from years ago that I was not quite ready to post at the time.

A small part of my life shown in pictures.


Shifting the World System Towards a More Hopeful Situation

Some people I knew introduced me to several ideas about spirituality I had not considered. They had advanced far in their careers and knew much about spiritual matters. Although I knew them as the years passed by, it was like many relationships, when you add up all actual moments of dialog, only a few days or a few weeks of time was involved. I never saw them everyday or even every week, but our encounters was one of great familiarity that I enjoyed. I was keenly interested in their perspectives and they gave me the benefit of their time. Continue reading

Ruling the World through Technology

The terms I use in this article will be obsolete one day. Some of the companies I mention will no longer exist and some of the situations will be a remote memory. That is also the main point that discussed at the end. Starting at the beginning, it seems like today’s tech companies are on a quest to rule the world. We seem to be helping them do it. The new mega-billionaires seem to be changing society.

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, says Big Tech Has Become Way Too Powerful. He wrote a great article that channels some of the frustrations of our times. The article is clear, the issues are well laid out. Mr. Reich tries to raise the thinking to a higher level. He seems to suggest that the issue isn’t political parties (Democrats and Republicans) or the free market. Instead, the issue is that powerful people with massive amounts of money have too much power.

The article is almost convincing, but the analysis is wrong. Let me explain. Continue reading

The Internet is Not a Utility but …

Our ancestors did not need electricity. A large tract of human history took place without technology. People are still able to live entirely without technology in certain parts of the world. Technology is not necessary to live and you do not even need a refrigerator. The idea is being put forward that the Internet is a Utility. I do not like the idea, but I find myself supporting the idea based on life experience.

Except in modernized societies, structured a certain way, some things that are not true necessities to live in the absolute sense are necessities within the context of those societies. That describes part of the situation in U.S. American society as of 2015. An environment in which, in many cases today, you cannot get a job, pay bills, or engage with government if you do not have a way to get on the Internet. Often, you must do so using some computerized device (tablet, laptop, phone, watch and whatever comes later).

The society itself makes computers and the Internet mandatory to live. I know because two years after the Great Recession, as someone with extensive computer technology skills, I had to exist without a computer. Without it, I found it much harder to get another job. The lack of a computer was not the cause of my homelessness. Not having one, regardless of my personal grit to survive, did make my homeless days much harder to endure in terms of signs of hope. Continue reading

A Mars Colony Could be a Death Sentence

You can put me in the theoretical physics camp in terms of supporting fact versus fiction. I am firmly in support of exploration of the Cosmos, the study of the Universe, and much of the science, technology, and engineering that is involved in understanding and interpreting the environment surrounding and extending far beyond the Earth. In fact, I am fascinated by those things and inspired by what scientists and great thinkers engaged in the great endeavor accomplish over time. Continue reading