Google Engineer, Living in His Truck

A term I used to answer a question on Quora is what I call, white-collar homelessness. It is when a person has a white-collar job, works in an office, and leads a certain lifestyle associated with that work, but their living situation tells a different story. I go into more detail about that on Quora.

The reality is that a job working with computers does not guarantee a better life. College debts, very high cost of living, and other restraints on gross income can undermine a person. Big tech companies, famous companies, and well-funded organizations can pay very well except the salary may not work in some tech hubs and major metropolitan cities.

I thought struggling against high cost of living in places like Silicon Valley was theoretical. A theory I never wanted to test, but there are people who are struggling to make it in Silicon Valley. Those of us who do not live there will stop this very moment and ask ourselves if it is a true struggle when you work for a major tech company (or in a well compensated tech job) despite living in a place known to be really expensive?

The story of one Google engineer seems to show how this can play out. Continue reading


Defeating Bitterness in Life

Regardless of a person’s background, anyone is capable of causing harm to others. Rather than go into this in a broad and deep way, I bring this topic up for a specific reason. The behavior of people who harm others without planning to do so. A way to think about the tendencies in people to accumulate experience in a way that fosters it. Also, a perspective for remaining far apart from this tendency during the passage of time. Remember this: Continue reading

Online Job Tools Could Lead to Homelessness

Liz Ryan has written an excellent article titled, Don’t Waste Your Time with Online Job Applications — Here’s Why! A good tidbit of info in the article is the idea that filling out a job application online may be a futile effort. One of the reasons is imagine that there are so many people applying for the same job, that no one pays attention to your particular application. Too much information is coming in through the online job application system to give most people a chance at an interview that could lead to a job.

The reason I say this could lead to homelessness is as follows. You believe that this process is what you must follow. We are all taught to follow rules to the letter. Doing so, you put so much energy, time, and …. immense patience waiting, that you have sacrificed alternate choices that may have led to a better situation. Unfortunately, you cannot regain the time. Your time has run out.


The most important thing you will do in life is decide. Decide what kind of person you intend to be. Decide if you are going to align with the good or with the bad. Decide who you really are and why you do the things you do. Decide to be at peace or in conflict. The choice can always be made.

Aliens and Us

The Chief Scientist at Nasa, Ellen Stofan, was cited in the Washington Post as holding the view that aliens will be found. Throughout the years I have read various articles, primarily from Scientific American (back when I could regularly afford the printed magazines), that presented convincing argument for their existence. Typically, the position is that with as many stars in the cosmos, there is a very high probability that beings live on other planets.

Truly, I do not know if aliens exist. I do not think about it as often as I do other things. When I have thought about it, one of my conclusions was that the discovery of aliens would change little about human society. Despite the discovery of other life, the majority of individuals not involved in such discovery would still contend with the daily issues of how to pay their bills, cultivate good careers, and live a good life. Day-to-day life issues would remain the primary focus of most people.

That is what I realized. The revelation of aliens would not suddenly shift the environment into a science fiction scenario of Utopian technology and higher communal cooperation overnight. Some would debate it on the news like any topic. Others would find in the discovery a reason to change their social conventions. A few would take the moment to seek economic opportunities related to trade, tourism, and cultural exchange. History on Earth is actually a guide as to what would likely occur in reality. Continue reading