Online Job Tools Could Lead to Homelessness

Liz Ryan has written an excellent article titled, Don’t Waste Your Time with Online Job Applications — Here’s Why! A good tidbit of info in the article is the idea that filling out a job application online may be a futile effort. One of the reasons is imagine that there are so many people applying for the same job, that no one pays attention to your particular application. Too much information is coming in through the online job application system to give most people a chance at an interview that could lead to a job.

The reason I say this could lead to homelessness is as follows. You believe that this process is what you must follow. We are all taught to follow rules to the letter. Doing so, you put so much energy, time, and …. immense patience waiting, that you have sacrificed alternate choices that may have led to a better situation. Unfortunately, you cannot regain the time. Your time has run out.


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