White Student Unions and Global Conflict

What is the connection between the Rise of White Student Unions and Terrorism? Very simple. No coherent structure in society or modern social upbringing to better manage the ‘us vs. them’ syndrome that burns at the base of the human psyche. Truth is, the entire human species is one people. Scientists have done a lot of work on this though it remains unfinished. The fact is, the Human Genome is understood and can describe every person you meet. But for whatever reason, people forget that everyday.

When we go to war, we are going into conflict somehow, someway with someone who is a distant, distant relation.

Sometimes, this division is created on purpose and has been admitted by various authorities. What can people do to divert the tide of chaos? Leaders really won’t do it. You will either be herded like cattle under sophisticated surveillance programs and psychological social engineering. Or, herded like cattle into the path of ammo and heart wrenching protests. Neither are good outcomes.

Some of us did live through more peaceful times. Peace is possible, even though some of us saw it for but a moment, like 10 years or so. People got along, prosperity was more widespread, and the focus was on the future. Today, you have a growing dimension of fear and viciousness. The solution is quite simple but hard to swallow sometimes. Nor is it easy to maintain, but it is the right remedy. Someone long ago made a solid proposition that requires active embrace by each person. Do that, and the world will change.


Charles Darwin vs. Jesus Christ – Nov. 2015

You have two men on a stage. We are all sitting, listening to them. The question from the audience is, with all the world’s problems, how are we going to live? What is the right approach to our problems, at an individual and global level? What are the right choices to make in our day-to-day lives? The two men speaking are Charles Darwin and Jesus Christ and they seem to have different points of view on these questions.

Charles Darwin is a leading scientist. With years of education, research, and study, his revelation was that the strong overcome the weak. Jesus on the other hand defies explanation and has shown that the meek shall ultimately overcome chaos. Darwin’s analysis leads to a view held by some of the most powerful figures in history by the name of Social Darwinism. Jesus provided a broad description of true living in what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. Which of them is right?

Jesus has many followers. One of them was Dr. Martin Luther King. As someone who strove for many of the realized virtues of Christ, Martin led a change in Western society some time ago. Many of these changes were foreseen in the Civil Rights Act and in his effort in the Alabama Marches. Ultimately, Mr. King paid a price for his beliefs when he was assassinated in Memphis, TN. Despite the peace Mr. King’s efforts facilitated, one of the locations that saw his footprints remain a place of contention today.

Darwin has many followers. They usually don’t perish so dramatically as what we see in the extreme cases of the followers of Jesus. Rather, the more successful of Darwin’s followers lead the world in more comfortable and enjoyable ways of living life. The successful followers of Social Darwinism push on without a moment’s doubt as to the worthiness of their cause. A notable author who channels this ethos is Ayn Rand. The books of Ayn Rand has inspired many of today’s top leaders. Continue reading

Thoughts on Nov Conflict – IV

The best strategy of the Western World is to look inwardly, work with global partners and focus on domestic development. Withdraw from conflict, help people here at home, foster better institutions and conditions of peace. It is never too late despite the past. Peace and war are choices and sometimes you have to resist the peer pressure to look strong when you know in your heart some battles are not the right situations to be involved in. General Eisenhower said give peace a chance. His arguments are as true today as it was then.

Thoughts on Nov Conflict – III

I am turned off to the discussion about terrorism because it seems to be an obvious contention over money and power. Those called terrorists want power, those connected to them want power, and those who may respond to them may be looking through the lens of power. Preoccupation with power has nothing to do with most people probably because we often have no power nor seek it. Most of us want to live a good life and are not interested in activities that involve the death of others. Even if we agree there are bad people in the world, there is too much error and collateral damage in trying to right every wrong. Surely, there is a smarter, nobler way forward.

The Grapes of Wrath in Modern Society

Daily Mail talks about people living in shipping containers in and around San Francisco. As I looked at the images, they reminded me of something I’ve seen in a movie somewhere. It was as if The Grapes of Wrath, art based on life, had become modernized as life imitating art. The people who live in these containers have done a very smart thing. Although it does not seem very comfortable, it gives them a chance at a career, better control over personal resources and that could lead to greater long-term freedom. A life.