How Different Life Would Be Without War

I will just come out and say it. War today does not make sense to most of us because there does not seem to be a real reason to be involved in the conflicts going on today. The question is, why are we there?

Example #1.

Why are we involved in who is the leader in country xyz? There is not a direct connection between hot spots in the Middle East and people struggling through employment, education, healthcare, and the various challenges of living in a modern society. It is like … we are over there … but what are we really doing over here to make life better?

People are quiet about this for three reasons. During good times, boom times, things are good enough for most people who it is like, no need to crash the private party? During bad times, recessions and whatnot, challenges preoccupy the mind to such a level that the sentiment is, I got my own problems to deal with. In between all that, no one wants to appear less than supportive.

Example #2.

Disappointment can set in when you hear reports of repression and brutal things happening in various parts of the world. A part of you sees that action could be the answer. At times in the past, I even raised a proverbial glass (because I don’t drink) when group xyz was liberated. The liberation usually doesn’t last. You cannot free a people by external force. People have to self select to be free for it to endure.

Again, you see, read, or hear reports of things happening. Sometimes, the implication is if we don’t do anything, one day, they will come for us. That seems to be the overarching message. That fear bleeds through the TV set and captures you so you do not think through what is actually said. I think about that … The instinct is to trust the analysis given. Those presenting that scenario are on our side and are warning us of all this doom that can befall us personally as a society. Here is thing … there is zero % proof of any of that. You would need 100%, genuine proof to risk the future stability of society.

The Truth

Even though no one really says it, a growing number of people are starting to realize the real truth. The unspoken truth. It begins with seeing that there was always enough money to spend on the people at home. There was enough money to help the downtrodden. All the sophisticated talk about debts and deficits was obfuscation to convince the people there was nothing left over to help them. There was enough money to enact and successfully administer social programs. There was enough money to do all the things in this society that would have delivered and gotten more of us closer to the high ideas of the past. The truth is, there was and remains more of an interest in ways to kill than ways for the rest of us to live better.

A discussion needs to take place about the vast history of unfulfilled promises. What the accumulation of more failures to deliver will have on future generations. How that may affect their willingness to participate more fully in the development of a constructive, healthy, and prosperous society. What that does to us today in our struggle to live life in a more complete way absent anesthetizing mechanisms.


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