Millennials Are Done

Nikki says millennials must move over to make way for gen-z. Let us hope this is limited to just marketing product. The problem is millennials may get the shaft in politics and jobs. I am considered part of the generation before the millennials and saw similar trends. History repeats. The real goal seems to be to run a psychological process to harvest an audience. It is harvest time. Get them at the peak of freshness. The point where they will be the most susceptible to words and influence but without the experience, knowledge, and understanding to judge if those words and suggestions are the right deal for them.

Some of us grew of age during a time where some ideals, some assurances, and some reasons for war, political positions, and economic directions (jobs, industries, policies, products, services, etc) did not turn out well for many of us. Many of the missteps and unfulfilled promises are still fresh in our perception. We are somehow better inoculated against proposals that seem to undermine the realization of durable outcomes that are better. A new group is coming in to join the general experience, but they have not been exposed to these blights. Their experience may be different.

Ultimately, generation names like millennials or gen-z are arbitrary labels. They don’t really mean anything of substance. Meanwhile, advice for the next generation is on the horizon. It comes by way of a Dec. 4, 2015 article titled, “The Hard-to-Hear Advice Every 20-Something Needs“.


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