Reality of the American Dream

Yes, you can live the American Dream. The dream is a reality that can and does come true. The problem with the American Dream is that it is believed to be permanent once you obtain it. Once upon a time (what a cliché if ever there was one), a lot of people did live that dream in a permanent way. So … what am I really talking about?

The problem today is people who live the American Dream have to gain a certain income. When you reach a certain income level in this society, absent certain things that weigh that income down, you enter a situation that looks a lot like the American Dream. Many then have to wake up from that dream now and again when their income fizzles out or those certain things that weigh it down overcome them.

Many people today see the American Dream as gone. An idea they will never see in their lifetimes. That link has nice colorful charts with large letters and pictures that get across the idea that people see the system as it is today as not working for them. A conversation is happening in many places about these dilemmas facing us today. Maybe the American Dream is really a trap and a distraction in which we harm ourselves. Perhaps it is time to wake up for real and think anew.


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