CareerBuilder Job Stats are Interesting

Every now and again, you get an email with some truly good information. The latest I got was an unexpected newsletter from CareerBuilder. It contained a link to job posting statistics. We all want to know this kind of stuff. Basically, what they see is that more jobs are posted than are filled. Less people are hired than the number of job postings out there. Now it is time for an opinion.

I think the discussion around qualifications is not entirely valid. People can be trained to do just about any job that exist. Would a business or non-commercial organization really let either lack of experience or prior readiness for a position stand in their way of getting the job done and realizing results?

Often, the best thing you can do is train someone from the ground up in the precise methodology you employ. Yes, prior readiness can speed things up, but if you have to wait 6-months to a year (or more) for the perfect person, is that wait time really a pathway to productivity? Looking at the statistics, there are many organizations that want to achieve things, but they are letting outdated notions of preparation interfere with the pace of the economy or their own timetable to attain successful outcomes.


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