A Better Overall You

Do the authors behind Super Genes have hold of research findings that show you can be better? I was out somewhere yesterday and happened upon the Dr. Oz show. He had guests who authored the book, Super Genes. They shared specific information that seemed to indicate that you can influence your genes. Your genetic predisposition is not destiny. You can be different, biologically and mentally, if you choose.

I listened to their presentation and sense that if they are right it means much of your life is predicated on your thoughts. If you organize your thoughts the right way, you can improve your inner experience of life. Organize your mind well enough, predispose yourself to the right kind of thinking and you can achieve better inner harmony without any moral or mortal erosion.

Part of the core of what they said is eat right, manage stress, and sleep well. You have to do all three. Eat right to overcome inflammation. Think right to deflect stress. Sleep right to maximize biological and mental rejuvenation. I wonder if you can take that even further.

Say you did all 3 of these things, eating right, thinking right, sleeping right and did them at the very best level possible? What if you organized your behavior, thoughts, and actions in such a way as to unleash a level of existence some deem impossible? Maybe solid living does not require the vast force and cost of machinery but the recalibration of one’s instinctive response to life. The effort then is to constantly push yourself past the point where this condition becomes automatic and self-sustaining.


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