Sharing as a Counter to a Property Driven Society

Maybe one of the biggest challenges facing a person is the dilemma of sharing. The issue is the fear of pain if you give away too much. A good reminder is that you cannot take it with you. A common phrase in certain parts of society and a counter phrase probably exists. Material things do not have lasting value. A person can greatly desire in their heart, the best quality television with the most amazing picture quality ever produced and once they get it, well ….

Television, the Opt-in Thief of Personal Potential

The television doesn’t really change your life. I do watch TV, but in a controlled way. A small, portable DVD player and I probably watch no more than 1 DVD every 2 to 4 days. Weeks often go by where I have watched nothing at all. When I stopped watching regular TV, my mind got better. I wasn’t distracted, I could focus better, and I was able to give more time to the kinds of thoughts I should have rather than put them on pause for a TV program.

When you have plans for your life or just trying to take the next step in the right direction, broadcast TV can be your Kryptonite. Things like TV can also pull you away from something important like sharing time with friends. You can have a much better time with friends if you are not worried about getting away in time to catch a certain show on TV at a certain time

An Alternative is Real Friends and Family

I once had a discussion with a friend for 4 hours straight. We were just talking about ideas, the state of the world, and spiritual matters. We didn’t plan it this way, but our discussion was more interesting than most things you will watch on TV. Anyone can create those moments on a regular basis if they are willing. Share time with friends and participate in healthy situations.

Money Can be Redirected Positively

When you are poor or struggling financially, you have a completely different sense of the world than someone who doesn’t. You can relate more easily to the problems of others. Your potential for higher empathy of a genuine nature is higher. You are more likely to discern things that are good and bad in a clear way. Not always but often. Money can change that and I see part of that message in Pope Francis’ Christmas Homily described on the BBC website.

Complete financial independence or income levels approaching some semblance of it can alter the way a person perceives situations. Money can change the way you think. An anti-dote is to share. Do not hoard it to excess out of some fear that you will fall down. The wrong use of money is continuous personal indulgence and litigation. The right use of it (to the extent society continues to use money) is donation to charity (anonymously and without a tax write off) and investments (personal activity, stocks, and otherwise) in directions designed to improve the lives of others.

Sharing is Controversial

The general counter argument to sharing is that you earned it and so much of it should neither be taken or given. Imagine that you have spent your life defending that idea only to reach the end and see that it is going away regardless. Heirs who inherit may squander it. I do think a person should be fully entitled to keep something if they want. An obligation does exist in a society that directly and indirectly assists in the maintenance of everyone’s living condition.

Giving Lasts

The least you can do is make sure that such an influential mechanism in society is put to good use. Better hospitals, accessible communes, free parking lots, universal health decline prevention and other such causes. Create more freedom for more people. A business can only go so far and more wealth will not have long-term meaning in society. Improving the lives of others in substantial ways is one of the most enduring legacies opposite infamy. The tally on a person’s wealth is not meaningful except how they got it and what they did with it, like true philanthropy for example. Everyone can be a philanthropist at some level.

Sharing Ideas, Places, and Information

The concept is not limited to just money. It also includes things like property. More than money, this is a property driven society. The tenacious pursuit of property can often be more wicked than money itself, though money is a driver in many cases. The ability to share places, thoughts, and time freely is a real gift and can be a healing thing to do. A sharing mentality can reign in the darker possibilities involving money, property, and indulgence.


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