The US Military Can Eradicate American Poverty

Right under the nose of many political leaders in the United States is an institution where poverty, homelessness, and unemployment does not exist. In fact, this institution is one of the premier institutions of the United States. The US Military has the highest reputation for managerial excellence and quality of life for those who exist within that society. I say, that society, because people in the US Military live an entirely different life than those who do not. Overall, their life is clean, complete, and more evolved compared to general middle-class life.

The US Military is not driven by or defined by the normal economy. While it is true that the US Military sources products and services from industries in the US, protocols exist in the tradition of the US Military to produce those same things in a self-sufficient way if needed. People are looking for answers for a better structure and living condition in society. A good question for leaders is, given the existence of an institution like the Military in the United States that serves its members well, what can be learned from the US Military to create a better life for everyone else?

A good analysis of the difference between what we have now compared with what the US Military offers is covered in an article in the Atlantic. Titled, The Military: An Alternative to the Brutalities of the Modern Economy, a veteran of the US Military gives a clear picture of the difference. My dialog here is not an endorsement of US policy overseas or even the principle of killing people. I am not in favor of that in the least. I favor reasonable defense and nothing more. While my objections are noted, I can admit that the Gig Economy isn’t working for many people. The old economy wasn’t that great. Maybe there is something in our midst that could be the answer if understood properly.


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