Economic Crash Pattern 2001 – 2017

I came across the news article, Is $2.2 Trillion in Losses in U.S. Stocks in 2016 the End? when a pattern came to my attention. I was reading about market performance issues this evening with increasing interest. I normally don’t read about them, but today there was so much news covering different aspects of market volatility, that I decided to look at some of it. At least superficially. Then, I came across that article.

A thought surfaced of a potential pattern. The Dotcom Crash; the 2001 Recession; and the 2008 Recession all followed the last term of President’s Clinton and Bush. A possible 2016/2017 recession, if it happened, would then follow the term of the current President. Three consecutive US Presidents, 3 consecutive recessions (Reagan is now long ago) if I read the time intervals correctly. I do not know what to make of it if true, but the pattern is interesting.

The major players are doing economic warfare in the 21st Century. Battle over oil. Battle over currency valuations, trade, land, and tribute. The man and woman in the normal course of day-to-day life encounters an unavoidable dilemma. Suddenly and unwittingly becoming collateral damage regardless of politics or point of view.

The advice generally paraphrased as to not fear tomorrow is correct. Yet, you have a mind. Use it. Tomorrow may be unpleasant, but that does not have to be painful. You cannot always do anything about unpleasant circumstances, but you can plan to minimize or eliminate unnecessary pain. Use the mind to prepare for the unpleasant tomorrow. If it never comes, well at least you made the right choices necessary to enjoy tomorrow more than you might have otherwise.


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