Calm, Long-Term Leadership in Politics

Calm, long-term leadership can be unevenly appreciated. MSN has an article about the difference between the top two US political parties. The article is headed by a photo of President Obama and House Speaker Ryan. The picture tells a story about who they are today. I see two people who know the answer to moving forward is not in the past. They are looking towards the future in a time where many voices are saying go backwards.

This society has done many technological things very fast. Advances in medicine, tangible tools of many sorts, transportation, and more. The outward appearance of society is one that is very evolved. I think in terms of being a 100% accurate picture of today’s society, it is an illusion. Ironically, the illusion does have some truth behind it. Philosophically and along the behavioral continuum, progress has been made.

The problem is that the social system that has grown over centuries seems complicated by all the technology and our individual, collective motivations. The key piece of mental stimulus is … fear. Society is at a pivot point and that pivot is all about how do we handle and overcome basic fear. Fear has to be distinguished from prudent caution. The former can be destructive while the latter, constructive. A popular, default answer in political discourse involves resolving the fears of one group at the expense of another group of people. Scarcity perspective.

The political challenge is figuring out the transition from scarcity to abundance in a way in which society works as a team rather than body of infighting factions. The barrier is not economic or technological. The barrier is psychological. Who will be the calm, long-term leaders that will focus less on fame, infamy, or symbolism and more on the substantive work of advancing the way forward?

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