Food Stamps are Important

It is surprising that 500,000 people could lose food stamps. Of all the things to lose, that is one of the worst things to withhold from others. The age groups affected, according to the article, are those 18 – 49. Working age people you could say. Well … will there be jobs for these working age people? What about the people who depend on these people for food like younger people and elderly in the same household? News like this is very odd.

A few of my siblings and I grew up on Food Stamps. My mom got them and we could eat. Sometimes I was embarrassed to go to store with pack of Food Stamps (they were printed bills back then) but I was able to eat. I don’t remember starving growing up. That probably helped when it came to walking to the library to read a wide variety of literature, or spending time exploring science, technology, and art. It probably helped me get through public education and get through some other things while my mom worked several low paying jobs.

Food Stamps are more important than people realize. Life wasn’t easy for me growing up, but it could have been a lot worse. The conditions I lived through did make me hardy and resilient in some ways, but no so much that my creative and intellectual potential couldn’t be developed. People don’t generally survive through rugged individualism. That is a made-for-TV fairy tale. They prosper most by helping one another. Sometimes the willingness to help others don’t come easy, but it remains a reliable principle of social co-existence.

Maybe governments have a better idea as an alternative for Food Stamps. I would say great. Bring on the great ideas. Perhaps the oil & gas industry is going to disappear and there are green jobs around the corner to employ 500,000 people. Whatever the case may be, it would be unwise to starve people into jobs or a new reality through desperation. A better way should be possible. In the meantime, let no one starve in the process.


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