Moving in Jan. 2016

moving_out_2016_01_29_01A last look at a place that has been a great personal haven for the past year.

moving_out_2016_01_29_02It began sometime in the 5th hour of the morning. I couldn’t really sleep anyway.

moving_out_2016_01_29_03Fortunately, I had cleaned this room two days before. Just a final touch on the remaining rooms.

moving_out_2016_01_29_04Most of the work involved the kitchen. I applied oven cleaner the day prior, but it needed another application. I started on that the latter part of the past evening. I would finish that, the refrigerator, dryer, and a few surfaces.

moving_out_2016_01_29_05All my personal bags are already packed and ready to go. Just have to make sure the rooms are in good shape.

moving_out_2016_01_29_06Oven cleaning foam residue and a wipe down of the refrigerator are the main things I am focused on.

moving_out_2016_01_29_07What I thought would take a few minutes, went on for some time.

moving_out_2016_01_29_08Hours later, the bathroom, kitchen, and appliances are in good shape. All that is left is to get ready for work and see how the day goes.

moving_out_2016_01_29_09It will probably be a long while before I live this way again. The memories were good.

The earlier events leading to this conclusion begins here.


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