Recalling an Otherwise Ordinary Day

Three years ago, near the end of the street shown on the picture below, by where the trees converge on the horizon, I was taking my calzone order back to my hotel. The turn at center of the road was fairly straightforward. Look for oncoming cars, if the coast is clear, make the turn. One day, I fatefully failed to see a blazing fast red car that collided with my small green vehicle. Fortunately, I was going about 5 mph and suffered a simple rotation. No one was hurt, but the car was declare a total loss. Many interesting events followed that. As I look down the road where the trees intersect the road, it is a good reminder of how dramatic life can change in a single event.

I was at this spot because there was a conveniently placed eatery where I decided to get some food. I looked down the road and realized my personal history here. I left the eatery, went to donate some clothes to the Salvation Army. When I came back by on my way elsewhere, I noticed traffic had slowed. Today, on the hour after I took the picture below 4 cars collided in the location to my left (not shown in the photo). No one appeared hurt. One went into the side of the road, another on the other side of the road, and the other two about joined at the hip. A very dangerous road indeed.



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