Welcome to Life Under Automatic Arbitration

News has it that a major retailer has told employees, agree to mandatory arbitration or you are fired. I had a thought about that. First, we are definitely in a new world. Forget about waving the American Flag and saying freedom for all. Money is more important than the U.S. Constitution. That’s a fact Jack.

Second, the next time someone tells you that you truly have rights in the U.S., well … it depends on how much money you got. Your rights exist in your bank account. Large account … more rights. Small account … tough luck. This is the implied message when it comes to the uneven relationship between people who must work for a living and those who are technically unemployed but employ others.

Third, this is truly a new world. The bottom line is this. If you are fortunate enough to become very wealthy, or associated with those who are, you, in effect, share in the broad rule over the rest of society. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of those with greater power. No rights.

People can rise up and fight against this. On a case-by-case basis. The problem is every victory is temporary. People could band together to oppose arbitration in a particular case and maybe win. When the dust settles, the next wave of employees who are automatically inducted into arbitration set a new baseline of acceptance. After that point, there is no turning back.


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