Trailed by Police

I depart a public library, and while waiting to make a left turn, the car behind me gets impatient. I decide to turn right to make a turn at a McDonald’s a little ways down. I stop in a small Chinese restaurant adjoining a Family Dollar, next to the McDonald’s. The food was outside my budget and I resume my journey back on the road.

As I make my way down the street, a patrol car begins to motion itself in what can be described as the vehicle version of a predatory stance. Right as I pass, the car makes its way right behind me with blue lights at full parade. I pulled into a parking space in front of an auto repair shop vacated for the day. I turn my lights off.

The officer steps forward and says something about my lights not being bright enough. I turned the lights back on and he said the parking lights where on. He reached into the car, flipped my lights into the parking mode to illustrate his point. I left it at that. He asked for license an said as long as license and insurance was current, there was nothing to worry about.

He took a good amount of time to return. My record is clean. He came back and said drive safe.

I drove away. I was very angry. Felt harrassed. This city is one of the few that when I visit, I am reminded that I am definitely not from here. It is odd that I can live in other cities for years, but this one city has trigger happy and ticket anxious police.

I would not have written anything but for the second cop trailing me in another part of the city 30+ miles away from the first encounter. That officer slowed down and trailed me carefully. I decided to change my route and the officer turned into a gas station, parking in a position to keep watch. I simply turned around, reversed my route and decided to eat somewhere else.

All this after leaving a public library where I used WiFi to check my most recent pay stub and have an e-mail chat with a friend. I never thought the evening would take such a disappointing turn. Such recurrences in this particular city is odd indeed. Knocks the shimmer of what otherwise could be a pleasant or routine occasion.


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