Week of 2/22

The middle of the week. Different city, changed circumstances, highly dynamic living situation. Stressful in some ways, but I meet each challenge that arise. I remember that much of this is my choice. I could have taken another route. Lived in my car maybe, but I didn’t do that. I pushed to live a more conventional way.

I have not and may not achieve a conventional life with a reassuring routine and a sense of stability. Does not exist. I don’t live on the streets per say, but I most definitely don’t live in a way I would call nourishing to the psyche. My experiences of the last 7 years has conditioned me to tolerate the pain.

In any event, I have more trials ahead. I am getting better at seeing them, but still not as adept at managing them without collateral impact on the living condition. One thing that has changed is I am certainly more accepting of the pain.

Anyway, the week has gone on. Many things have happened that I’ve decided not to catalog in detail. Just going on and striving to be productive and live okay despite the circumstances. Change is a major force in life and you have to embrace the change.

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