Unity 3/2016

Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants, says ‘we are brothers’


Movie for 2016 Elections

V for Vendetta … core dialog regarding the state of society is engaging. Saw the movie every now and then over the past few years. Succeeds in conferring an empathic sense of the character Evey’s experience. You learn much through her eyes and encounter with questions of existence and identity.

Bernie Sanders Presidency

I arrived at a Chinese buffet recently to catch up on some nutrition. Part way into my visit, I noticed a debate on TV involving Sanders and Clinton. I became interested in the discussion (closed captioned of course). I wrapped up my visit now more nourished physically. When I got to my room, I plugged into the debate conversation.

Clinton did very well. I thought she spoke extremely well on the issues. Saying she is competent in matters of administration and civil procedures is a gross understatement. She exudes a level of dignity and never allows herself to descend into unworthy dialogue. Truly, she reflects the ideal persona of the modern professionalism.

Sanders though is captivating. He says the things I believe in … for the most part. He is straight on the matter of what needs to change in this world to get to a better place. As the US President, he would transform the nation in a way that would create the kind of positive outcomes people yearn to see. I yearn to see them. I’ve been waiting like many others. The status quo is not working for a lot of people. Sanders is the right person for the task.

Some will say, Sanders can’t win. I say, that is not certain until the end. Casting a vote for a winner but not really winning in your situation when the dust settles is not the definition of a good effort. Win or lose, if a candidate truly represents your interests, especially higher goals that are feasible to achieve, stand with that person because there just may be a breakthrough that comes about. Sanders has an immense background in the ways of the US government. His experience, personal life story tells you a lot about what he is going to do. All he needs now are the tools of office to enact better solutions for society as a whole.

Irony of the State Lawsuits Over Immigration

I heard that some state governments are considering suing the Federal government over immigration. Something very interesting about that. Some of those involved run businesses. As owners of those businesses, they require their employees to waive their right to lawsuits. They impose mandatory arbitration on employees through various means. Yet, a few of the politicians in their role as business owners are not limited in manner they limit others.

Is that irony?