Bernie Sanders Presidency

I arrived at a Chinese buffet recently to catch up on some nutrition. Part way into my visit, I noticed a debate on TV involving Sanders and Clinton. I became interested in the discussion (closed captioned of course). I wrapped up my visit now more nourished physically. When I got to my room, I plugged into the debate conversation.

Clinton did very well. I thought she spoke extremely well on the issues. Saying she is competent in matters of administration and civil procedures is a gross understatement. She exudes a level of dignity and never allows herself to descend into unworthy dialogue. Truly, she reflects the ideal persona of the modern professionalism.

Sanders though is captivating. He says the things I believe in … for the most part. He is straight on the matter of what needs to change in this world to get to a better place. As the US President, he would transform the nation in a way that would create the kind of positive outcomes people yearn to see. I yearn to see them. I’ve been waiting like many others. The status quo is not working for a lot of people. Sanders is the right person for the task.

Some will say, Sanders can’t win. I say, that is not certain until the end. Casting a vote for a winner but not really winning in your situation when the dust settles is not the definition of a good effort. Win or lose, if a candidate truly represents your interests, especially higher goals that are feasible to achieve, stand with that person because there just may be a breakthrough that comes about. Sanders has an immense background in the ways of the US government. His experience, personal life story tells you a lot about what he is going to do. All he needs now are the tools of office to enact better solutions for society as a whole.


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