Living Under Close Surveillance

A new law is coming. You are not allowed to browse the Internet anonymously or turn off location services on your cell phone. If you do, you are subject to having a third-party remotely go into your computer or mobile device and look around, make a copy of what’s in it. Great power has to be wielded responsibly and I sense this new power may go in a bad direction.

Anyway, that is the present. What about the future?

I’ve developed a sense that the U.S. Constitution, concepts from the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc., are going away. Laws are being changed subtly in which these documents will remain, but they will have zero influence over how we live. Is that good or bad? That is a broad discussion. In the meantime, the laws are in for deep changes and that will have huge impact on society. Continue reading


Hillary has Hot Sauce in 2016 Election Cycle

NY has decided. Hillary is said to have cited Beyonce in that she keeps hot sauce in her pocket. One of the coolest statements ever. Time to see how the world is going to shift in the next few years. All the candidates that made this far will have a huge stake in what comes. Given the candidates that won in NY, one thing is certain. NY knows them best and their win shows great confidence in their potential.

NY 2016, A Rare Political Contest

NY is slated to become the epicenter of politics for 2016. Whoever wins in NY wins their party’s nomination. Not in terms of delegates, but perception. NY is where the winner will be made. Despite dissenting views circulating TV, all 4 main candidates represent compelling choices for the direction of society. I see great aspects in each. Bernie reflects the agenda of the people and a transformation of how things work in the US. Hillary presents a solid and able continuation of Democratic administration. Donald embodies a clear restructuring of the US government and relationship with the world like nothing seen before. Ted credibly advanced a modern conservatism that seems to have arrived years earlier than expected. The 4 candidates couldn’t be more different. This election will be a true choice for people. NY had the unenviable position of setting the tone for the next 20+ years of the 21st century. At once it is thrilling and a sober realization. We are all heading into the real future and the nature of it is to be determined this year.

Medical and Technological Advances to Lead to Immortality in Less than a Century

Researchers in Geneva have discovered a process to remove genetic defects from DNA. Still in a trial period, the science looks promising. They will be able to clean up DNA. Meanwhile, Google continues to make huge leaps in artificial intelligence. One day, it will be possible to capture a person’s thoughts into a computer and transfer those thoughts into a new body. Cloning facilities are to be brought online in China by 2020 that will see pets, cows, and other things cloned. It will be trivial to clone human organs for transplant as well. As well full bodies can be manufactured that are more receptive to thought download. The emergence of immortality for those who can afford it will change society dramatically. All the things being put in place today to better control society (surveillance not for terrorism, but a hedge on future dissatisfaction) will be instrumental in making sure the plan of the future goes forward without challenge.

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Freedom vs. Constraint

I have no judgement for those that restrict others. I’ve lived with such things long enough that I’ve made a kind of peace with it. Still, despite the inevitability of a society with more limits to freedom in the future, voices are getting louder for the cause of freedom and privacy. Why? One reason is that if you ever felt boxed-in, you know it is not pleasant to feel that way. Maybe you’ve felt one time that your choices were limited and you felt boxed-in. You were like, “what now.” Your instinct was probably to push through or to feel resigned. Whatever your response, it was no one of glee at being boxed in (perceived or real). What that means is that freedom is natural and constraints deemed unhealthy are not seen in the best light. There is a balance between individual freedom, the needs of a group, and the conduct of administration regarding that group. What people sense is that the balance is not right and the case has not been made for the choices made contrary to widespread sentiment.