Freedom vs. Constraint

I have no judgement for those that restrict others. I’ve lived with such things long enough that I’ve made a kind of peace with it. Still, despite the inevitability of a society with more limits to freedom in the future, voices are getting louder for the cause of freedom and privacy. Why? One reason is that if you ever felt boxed-in, you know it is not pleasant to feel that way. Maybe you’ve felt one time that your choices were limited and you felt boxed-in. You were like, “what now.” Your instinct was probably to push through or to feel resigned. Whatever your response, it was no one of glee at being boxed in (perceived or real). What that means is that freedom is natural and constraints deemed unhealthy are not seen in the best light. There is a balance between individual freedom, the needs of a group, and the conduct of administration regarding that group. What people sense is that the balance is not right and the case has not been made for the choices made contrary to widespread sentiment.


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