Ignore Internet Surveillance and the Panopticon

When we look at the events that took place in Paris, San Bernardino, and Brussels, one thing is clear. All the tremendous investment in surveillance is for nothing. The massive surveillance infrastructure probably works to track specific persons of interest. Since there are potentially millions of persons of interest, there is too much data for the surveillance systems to be effective. Not even artificial intelligence systems can crack this because there is no solid way to create a data map that eliminates false positives. Every false positive covers up a myriad relevant events. Most people will self govern, self censor themselves in the presence of surveillance apparatus. An element of psychological fake out exists in the existence of surveillance devices and narrative. In the end, inquisitive and observant minds can tell when surveillance isn’t actually working and that is why you see the events in Paris, San Bernardino, and Brussels. Surveillance deters the already fearful, but not those with nothing left to lose and perhaps aggrieved beyond fear.


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