Medical and Technological Advances to Lead to Immortality in Less than a Century

Researchers in Geneva have discovered a process to remove genetic defects from DNA. Still in a trial period, the science looks promising. They will be able to clean up DNA. Meanwhile, Google continues to make huge leaps in artificial intelligence. One day, it will be possible to capture a person’s thoughts into a computer and transfer those thoughts into a new body. Cloning facilities are to be brought online in China by 2020 that will see pets, cows, and other things cloned. It will be trivial to clone human organs for transplant as well. As well full bodies can be manufactured that are more receptive to thought download. The emergence of immortality for those who can afford it will change society dramatically. All the things being put in place today to better control society (surveillance not for terrorism, but a hedge on future dissatisfaction) will be instrumental in making sure the plan of the future goes forward without challenge.

Wired | Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up

Wikipedia | CRISPR (world changing process)

PBS | Inventor Ray Kurzweil sees immortality in our future

Slashdot | Scientists To Open Mass-Cloning Factory in China This Year To Clone Cows, Pets, Humans


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