NY 2016, A Rare Political Contest

NY is slated to become the epicenter of politics for 2016. Whoever wins in NY wins their party’s nomination. Not in terms of delegates, but perception. NY is where the winner will be made. Despite dissenting views circulating TV, all 4 main candidates represent compelling choices for the direction of society. I see great aspects in each. Bernie reflects the agenda of the people and a transformation of how things work in the US. Hillary presents a solid and able continuation of Democratic administration. Donald embodies a clear restructuring of the US government and relationship with the world like nothing seen before. Ted credibly advanced a modern conservatism that seems to have arrived years earlier than expected. The 4 candidates couldn’t be more different. This election will be a true choice for people. NY had the unenviable position of setting the tone for the next 20+ years of the 21st century. At once it is thrilling and a sober realization. We are all heading into the real future and the nature of it is to be determined this year.


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