Living Under Close Surveillance

A new law is coming. You are not allowed to browse the Internet anonymously or turn off location services on your cell phone. If you do, you are subject to having a third-party remotely go into your computer or mobile device and look around, make a copy of what’s in it. Great power has to be wielded responsibly and I sense this new power may go in a bad direction.

Anyway, that is the present. What about the future?

I’ve developed a sense that the U.S. Constitution, concepts from the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc., are going away. Laws are being changed subtly in which these documents will remain, but they will have zero influence over how we live. Is that good or bad? That is a broad discussion. In the meantime, the laws are in for deep changes and that will have huge impact on society.

People are not part of this conversation. Representative Democracy isn’t quite what it appears to be and that maybe that is because we are literally too caught up in life to be part of that conversation. In the absence of the people’s involvement alternative decisions will be made. Are being made.

Anyway, you can be part of the future or against the momentum of things to come. Most of us will go along with these changes. That is not the same as consent, but an affirmation of the will of those who put these changes forward. As I mentioned in past blog articles, we will be watched all the time and in great detail. The potential for that loomed years ago and is growing to encompass more people.

What this will do is change people’s behaviours. Some will celebrate the change in how people act. Others will lament the loss of true expression, genuine candor, and wholly authentic engagement. I mentioned in an earlier article how you shouldn’t be worried about the panopticon. You shouldn’t. When you live under this system long enough, you become used to it, even a creature of it. You become defined by it. You learn to live in symbiosis with active surveillance.

Does this lead us all into a better future? Well, maybe. Perhaps highly learned people have discussed this at length and there is a solid case for the direction things are going. Time will tell. If nothing else, we have to trust in the systems in which we operate day in-day out. They have become the lifeblood of how we all function together.

The irony is the illusion that was privacy and freedom. Physical freedom is not the same as freedom of mind and purpose. If we look throughout history, physical freedom and privacy was always in trade with freedom of the mind and actual liberty of endeavour. Eventually, the distinction may be better understood. Most of the people of recorded history often had to balance their level of freedom within the context of a society in alignment with the guidance of those who rule. The illusion of privacy and freedom may have been a proposition that served a larger purpose that has long transacted. Now, in the present state of things, the strictures of the past resume into the future.


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