Battle for Encryption, for Privacy

Encryption is something many of us use all the time but may not know it. Smartphones have it as does shopping sites on the web and apps. A few chat and talk apps use encryption.

Encryption is the part of technology that keeps your words, credit card #’s, and passwords private. The padlock symbol in the web browser address bar is a visible sign that encryption is engaged while you shop, sign-in, or enter sensitive information into a form. Besides that though, you may not see a sign that encryption is being used, but several apps and websites use it.

Encryption is the only mainstream automatic guard over information. The only solution born from the field of mathematics that automatically bestows privacy and discretion on a massive scale. Losing encryption is the loss of digital privacy.

The effort to eliminate, weaken, or otherwise automatically break encryption or discourage its use in digital tools carries a particular meaning. What it means is that people are not allowed to have privacy. A tool that nearly guarantees privacy is seen as not legitimate for people to have at their disposal. Is that the correct situation for people? To be denied private communication and information?

Dangerous people who would end the lives of others do lurk among the vast numbers of harmless people who use encryption. Unraveling their use of private digital communication simply spurs them on to a different venue to plan calamity. Essentially, you cannot solve Human nature by closely watching people. Evidence of that is in the vast hordes of surveillance cameras deployed throughout society in which harmful situations still take place. People impassioned to harm others will not be blocked by taking privacy away from everyone else.


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