Trans Pacific Trade Partnership

Google has come out in favor of TPP. I am a huge supporter of Google in terms of technology. The positions they’ve staked out on a variety of technology topics has been great. I was so glad when they won the trial case regarding Java. The work they have done with Android (a customized rendition of the free Linux operating system), Chromebook (another derivative of Linux), and the pioneering work they’ve done in data centers (again with Linux) is a testament to their prowess.

With all the fortune they’ve gained from the use of free and open source technology, how can such a company come out in favor of a deal that would deprive others of the opportunity to achieve the same outcomes they’ve enjoyed? That is a question without a clear answer. Anyway, I am not in favor of the TPP.

As a general class, I have grown disenchanted with many of today’s tech companies. Some who have staked out positions in alignment with the Electronic Frontier Foundation have reached a point of departure from said positions. I believe in what the EFF advocates. Perhaps it is time to no longer look to companies to carry forward such views but to abide with such views regardless of who supports them.


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