Despite Surveillance, Communication is Natural

The person who helped create the Web may have some regrets about what the Web has become. The Web was intended to be a great avenue for knowledge, information, improvement of people, an input into a new kind of Renaissance. It was all of that, but not for the people but for the big governments and businesses. None of that means I am not for government or business. Quite the contrary, but I do think you can get too big and I think too much power can lead to outcomes that are not good. In other words, I look for balance.

The people’s relationship to institutions either seem out of balance or getting there quick. The imbalance will be corrected, but corrections can be messy. Best to avoid messy corrections and simply change course ahead of time.

One of the problems we face is that despite all this surveillance, we cannot help but want to talk to one another. People are social. It is like breathing. No person is an island. Life is an interdependent web. Control and independence is an illusion. You may have a degree of independence, but absolute independence is impossible. Everyone needs each other and that means communication.

A new Web can be defined with this in mind, but with the protocols of discretion built-in. If the person who helped build the Web is understood correctly, he sees the prospect of making a u-turn to get things back on track. Well, that is a tall order but possible. What’s more, before long, you just may see some of the top minds (not necessarily the top corporations) go back to the drawing board and start something new.

People are going to talk to each other. Is there a way to do that so a person preserves their ability to moderate their encounter with the wider society and not relinquish their liberty? We all have a chance to be part of the solution rather than see things as inevitable. Make different choices with technology. Decide that freedom and the dignity of others is worthwhile.


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