Middle East vs West, Getting Caught in the Middle

Mass violence seems more a risk than it used to be, at least in the West. You could be out somewhere and all of the sudden, you are in the middle of something that either end in the loss of life, severe trauma, or a combination. Meanwhile, we have a politics that leads us to think that we are near the apocalypse.

One thing is for sure, there are people in the West and the East who want … want a World War. A mass global conflict is what some dream about. A chance to reset the clock, reset civilization, settle scores, and show once and for all who is top dog. Maybe we are in the End Times, but do we need to speed it along?

Some people are racing quickly to see a major war. Civil war, religious war, cultural war, you name it. All that rhetoric on public mass media tickling the urge to battle. Us vs. them. Domination is a zero sum game.

Well, that is enough of that talk. Anyway, do not be surprised to see some leaders take advantage of violent tragedy and economic disappointment to steer people against each other. Much of it, in terms of sentiment seems rather contrived.


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