Losing Another Job

Today, I learned that I am one mistake away from losing a job. Sometimes you have highly influential coworkers with an agenda and not even your supervisor can keep them from doing damage. I tried to save the position of a temp worker and became a casualty myself. Sad. Disappointing. That’s life. All you can do is move on.

What really happened was me and this other person had shared responsibilities. Work requirements made it possible for another person to be added to this other person’s team. Well, many of us found out that this person was to leave because work was predicted to drop off. I found other tasks this person could do that was related to the work I did but still under the scope of his team lead.

I didn’t know his lead had decided he would go. The lead was angry with the person for doing the work. He spoke to me about it and I said there was plenty of things to do and there was other work around the corner. He didn’t like that I got involved.

Anyway, he accused me of doing something that jeopardized the company. On the surface, he seemed correct. By the time my supervisor wrote me up, it was too late. Although I had complete authority to make the decisions I did, since I didn’t consult him first, he turned it into an issue that resulted in me getting a written reprimand. During the reprimand session, I found out about other concerns that was levied against me I didn’t know about.

I didn’t deserve to get even a three-way conversation about the issues they had with me. They really did need someone who worked independently and without supervision. Unfortunately, they got something going on I am not a part of and that has spelled my end.

Problems exist in this situation. Many problems. I was entirely willing to endure it, work through them and be instrumental towards their resolution. Adversity of this kind was not part of the deal. I got along with everyone but I ended up on the wrong side of some top people. Bad stuff.

The lesson to be learned is never work to be at the forefront of solving problems. Managers can turn against initiative if it runs counter to their way of solving problems. Even when you are expected to solve problems independently, you must always volunteer yourself constantly to a process that results in micromanagement. It is the primary way you survive the politics of those with a greater ability and willingness to try and drive things their way.

I lost another one by accident. Trying to be good with no awareness of self-interest in the situation. Maybe I’ll do better the next time around. Psychologically, it will take time to recover.


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