Majority of 7.4 Billion People are Good

The CNN article at the bottom of this page talks about too much bad news. Older people have said to me the last few years the world is going downhill. Conventional wisdom is that the world is unsafe given the reported tragedies. Consider however that the picture of a troubled world is false.

Billions of people across the planet, the vast majority of 7.4 billion people carry on peacefully. How do you explain that? Why is there one picture of the world on TV but a different one in everyday life?

Even if 1 person curses me out 1 day of the week, that still leaves hundreds of people who carry on peacefully. A person may take something from you but there is still all the people who didn’t. Some may even help you recover from a bad experience.

Even if the news got worse on TV or the Internet over the next few months or years it would still be a lie that the world is in worse shape. Yes, there are war-torn parts of the globe, but that is a very small fraction of total human activity. Don’t believe the hype about the end of the world. The vast majority of people on every continent and most corners of the world are good people.


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