Part 2 – 7.4 Billion People Proves the World is Safe

I wrote a post on 7/22/2016 about how the vast majority of people on this planet live together peacefully. Most of us walk down the street; or, in places in the world without streets, sit or stand somewhere and are not bothered by anyone in a life threatening way. Occasionally, many of us encounter disappointments in life. Some of those disappointments linger for years, but even with the bad most people live most of their everyday lives without violence or severe oppression.

Steven Pinker and Andrew Mack did some research. It is from 2014. They show, by the numbers, that the actual world, not the world shown on TV, but the real-world is fine. Their conclusions don’t match what I am saying entirely, but it is close. 

I think world chaos is an illusion designed to guide society to the direction of a small group of people. That small group is trying to make money, stay in power, and get a few laughs moving people around like puppets on a string. That is all it is. Nothing to see here folks.


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