The Bernie Sanders Campaign was Good

He was my favored candidate. Tonight, on, I saw the photo of a young woman cry when he spoke. I looked at that young face and saw a level of disappointment that was truly great. She really expected a genuine champion of a new reality. That is not to be.

Mr. Sanders did his duty as a loyal affiliate of the Democrat party. His actions, past and present are noble, and honorable. Like the news stories report, people expected revolution but that was not what they got. I am not an affiliate of either party, I have and will vote either way (or a third way).

Problem is, too many political promises are written down on the Internet. There is a large body of text across numerous web pages of words spoken but not fulfilled. The youth of today and tomorrow will be more savvy with the politics. Far more astute in their observations of the speech patterns, track record, and likelihood that a candidate will do what they propose. They’ve watched their parents, older siblings, and others get duped.

My mom tried to warn me when I was much younger. I didn’t listen. I hoped. I still hope … hope now tempered with experience.

Meanwhile, the reality is that economically, the system doesn’t seem to work for many people. Our rents keep going up, most people’s income is lost to fuel, high-priced food ($6 sandwich meals with a drink twice a day adds up quick), various insurance bills, and the list goes on. News articles abound about the decline of the American Dream, the experience of life among Millenials and Gen-Xers vs Boomers. The political elections are not adding up for many people. Bernie Sanders was to be the real solution to that and now he has exited the stage.

People will continue to cry, life will go on, but will it be the quality of life all of our ancestors intended us to experience?

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