Pope Francis Declares the Stakes for Peace

An attack took place in France. A priest was terminally harmed. A CNN article at the end of this page describes the situation further. The event is one of great sadness and some are given to reflect on the causal factors. The Pope shared thoughts on the situation and the world situation generally.

The CNN article shares some of the Pope’s reflections on the matter. As I read them I recognized them as potentially 4 areas of concern that stand as triggers for conflict and pain.

  1. Certain agendas.
  2. Money.
  3. Natural resources.
  4. Domination of people.

These are 4 areas he has reflected on and see as the major issues of our times. Oddly enough, the problems are not limited to the leadership class. Most people, including yours truly, are susceptible to these temptations. Whether in thought, action, or our silence as we watch it take root in or operate upon the lives of others.

The problem becomes worse when these 4 major concepts are pursed by high leaders, secular and non-secular alike. A most profound discovery is a majority of the world’s total population are peaceful people. However, many experience pain through the political and commercial systems of the world.

Some theologians call this the world system. I urge study of the world system concept described in theological writings. People are advised to minimize their embrace of this system while working diligently to change it to better reflect higher virtues. Some say it is not possible. It seems irresponsible not to try. Mental, physical, financial, and social pain born of quiet malice as well as premature death may be further minimized as a result.



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