Broader Ecumenical Co-Existence

President Obama made a great point about religious identification. His words brought to mind belief and tolerance. Even if two people beliefs differ, as long as they yet exercise a natural willingness to be at peace with one another, it is okay. People can live and work together, affiliate and recreate despite different views on eternity, existence, and religious expression.
True, some do believe in a single path, but it not for us to judge. The problem then is forming a conclusion about others when, after all, it is their life to live. We can advocate for a different way but all people have intrinsic worth that is to be recognized. Even when viewpoints differ.

Accept those who are different, but who strive in peace. Civil debate is okay. Difference of view is acceptable. Embrace others with goodwill. When that proves challenging, at least do no harm. Striving in peace with wisdom and prudence begets further peace and goodwill.


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