Luciferianism in Most of Our Movies

Some weeks back I finished reading the book Forbidden Gates. Although I was familiar with most of the contents of the book (even the deep ancient knowledge), I was not entirely familiar with the author’s particular presentation and interpretation of several facets of ancient knowledge. Anyway, I became more aware of certain concepts in terms of their nature/form. I came upon the book in my exploration of trans-humanism.

I have this movie I watch by the title of Jupiter Ascending. The soundtrack is nice and it I found it a novel description of intrigue between powerful rivals and the extent some go to achieve and maintain power. A quick, entertaining reminder of these concepts in movie form. I was watching the movie recently and realized something that had escaped my notice. Most of the characters portrayed in the film are either trans-humans or highly enhanced humans. It is played off so casually that you don’t really catch it.

After noticing this, I went to the web to see if anyone else had made similar observations. Indeed they have. Oddly enough, it turns out that many of the movies people watch today have luciferianistic structures. Much of this media emphasizes or encourages self-emergent gnosis and apotheosis. Later, I realized that very little of what we receive in formal ecclesiastical settings align or override what is received during the balance of the time engaged in visual and some literary media.

You can look at this 3 ways. Completely avoid and refuse to engage in such media (again most of fantasy and sci-fi fits this category). Participate in the modern forms of entertainment but be aware of the luciferian themes and be of the mind that you will not embrace them even subconsciously. Change viewing habits such that once you become aware of such elements in various productions, either avoid such productions again or become more selective in what you view.

The decision I’ve made is to continue with the media and be aware of the themes. The reason is that while there are other aspects of some media that is interesting from an entertainment standpoint, those that are subtle in the portrayal of such themes have use in remaining mindful of certain related social behaviors. Being informed by true life social patterns and situations, they can express concepts of inequality, inequity, and destructiveness far more effectively than can be casually considered. The lights and action not only entertain, but cast a light on more shadowy aspects of the human psyche that can have real ramifications if enacted. Thus, we can recognize such aspects in ourselves and in the world at large.


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