Life Today 10/13

The sun yesterday was a solid intense orange between 6 and 7 pm. A great view of nature after a tumultuous day. Today is expected to be just as good.

The span of this year so far has been met with many surprises, many disappointments, more day-to-day adversity than in the last 2 years, and a sharp increase in inconveniences of various kinds. Life so far is not sublime the political situation in the national election leaves little to be desired. A future does exist to look forward too. I foresee a hard life for many people and even greater disappointments.

All of that is okay. Even while life is hard, inconvenient, and in many cases, just not what you envisioned, it is still good to be alive.

A few people have asked me if we are living in the End Times. I instantly say to them, “No!” I insist that this is not the End Times for one simple reason. A precondition for the Holy Spirit to depart the Earth is the number of actual believers and overt representations of Faith would have to decline precipitously. At least that is my view. There is still way too much religion going on for it to be the true End Times.

Instead, we are living in difficult times in terms of our collective and individual futures. A few are well off and set apart from the challenges of today and tomorrow. A few more are surviving for the moment, but the future is less clear than it was a generation ago. Many still are faced with temporary fixes to life situations with the possibility of a great upheaval in society as new laws, policies, and civil experiments take shape.

Despite it all, there is much to look forward. If we but be patient, without judgement, we can wait for people who bring good cheer and enjoy a moment of mirth. Steady ourselves and work tirelessly in our jobs when we have them and even if they don’t last, we yet have memories of when we did our best. Continue to forge connections when possible so as to live in community with others. Build up the mind for future opportunities remembering that it is but a small investment in a vast future for society. There is always A Way Forward.


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