Religious Values, Presidential Election 2016

Overriding all considerations this election is respect for ecclesiastical institutions, organizations, and perspectives. That seems a world apart from the scandalous narratives of the past few weeks and election cycle. Things are not what they seem.

Mercy and forgiveness are fundamental to believers. A person’s fruit is not a factor of the words they use or their past errors. Rather, will the course of leaders’ decisions and actions impair the work of those who advance the cause of Faith? Who generally act and live successfully in accordance with values and perspectives that have strengthened and sustained civilization for several centuries.

Hard to know really. Sometimes you have to look beyond in-artful messages, imprudent expressions and decide if virtues of greater secularism are being advanced at the expense of those who work in Faith. A spirit of iniquity is genuine and perceived. Maybe aided by wrong turns along the path to greater modernity. The inevitable expansion of this spirit need not be hastened along by hasty preferences based more on form than considerations focused on what may best sustain communities of Faith.


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