5 Million Jobs Eliminated through Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Much further back in time … all living people had access to all the resources on the planet. Life wasn’t easy for hunter gatherer societies and our tribal ancestors, but they had the freedom to access the entire planet. Wherever berries grew, they could pick them. Water from streams, they could drink. Camp near a forest, the base of a hill, mountain or cave, they could live wherever space allowed.

Some time ago … there was no paper deed to any land on earth. Life for humanity was originally one of freedom and cooperation. As population grew, ways to govern shared resource arose. Systems of currency, barter, trade, economics, agriculture, and water distribution.

Has society gone too far? Are we too preoccupied with ownership and lifestyle prerogatives that we cannot bear the pain of realigning gross abundance from manufacturing, technology, and huge yields from modern agriculture to do as our ancestors did a keep solvent the whole community?

Many are taught it is not fair that they do all the work while others do less but still benefit. What if that is an efficient law of the jungle that is obsolete in the future society we now live in and headed towards.

Throughout human history, the core service of exhange was human labor. Using your hands, using your back, feet, muscles, and overall effort. On a roof all day, on an assembly line, standing for hours in a restaurant, or stretching the mind to exhaustion and utter fatigue in an office. Now, much less of that seems as valuable as what tireless, fast, accurate machines offer in the form of AI, robotics, and general automation. In other words, the better the machine get, the less people may want or need your labor.

Meanwhile, it is a chance for society to reorganize around building up and improving life in other ways.



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