Media and Big Tech Consolidation

In theory, loss of an independent, free press is a huge deal. Roadblocks can come about in informing the public in a way that sustains people’s ability to decide on important matters. Despite the idea that a plurality of people are less engaged in media of a more critical nature, the opportunity to be exposed to information of potentially wide civil interest has remained an automatic privilege to all since the enlightened times of all First-world Western societies.

The world is changing and in ways few of us could foresee. A new generation of children are scheduled to be educated, informed, and adjusted to a world that in no way reflects the virtues, values, and perspectives of their ancestors. I imply no value judgement when I say this. Yet, we have all been so caught up in the rhetorical presentations, sensational attractions, and microscopic shifts of the moment that many have failed to see that the war of ideology is over the identity and disposition of subsequent generations.

A new structure is being formed through the positioning of today’s large commercial institutions in coordination with alterations to governmental policy. This shift is far more visible than it has been even a year ago. Those in political or commercial positions of impact who disagree have at times delayed but not divert course from the inevitable change in relationship between people and those with greater civil and commercial power.

Whether Democrats or Republicans win, the prescription for the American people, and eventually, the world will be the same. Post-modern conformity. Greater centralized direction over how you live. That is not to say this will be entirely a bad thing. It may work out. What is certain is this. You have no real choice.

I predict it will not work in the long-term. Nature itself has an irrefutable talent for self-correction. At least over longer periods of time. Such nature exists in large bodies of people as well and unwise experiments may run their course over an unlucky few (measured in millions in this case), but eventually, suboptimal direction is rooted out and gradually diluted into nonexistence by an axiomatic evolutionary process enacted through nature and/or people.


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