Avoid Nuclear War

Most people will not survive it. If the bombs ever land, it will cause an actual force to spread out for miles, and miles, and miles. A tremendous force blast will summon and push hard at you. 

Push you right out of your seat, right out of your bed, right off the ground. You’ll be push right into something hard. You’ll be pushed with such a force that when you finally land against something stationary, your bones will crack, you’ll have an instant concussion before the overall bodily shock finishes with  life termination. 

That would happen to many people at the same time and no amount of personal toughness, grit, or resilience will offer escape. Those at the epicenter of the blast may be vaporized. 

Nuclear weapons should not exist. There is nothing redeeming or useful about them. The ability to fully destroy the world is too close at reach.
What would World War III look like? by James MacKinnon https://www.quora.com/What-would-World-War-III-look-like/answer/James-MacKinnon-5?srid=TWnu&share=b04ea8a8


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