Hillary as the 2016 Presidential Choice

It would be cowardice if I kept silent. Hillary is the best candidate for President.

Everything the opposition said is true. Lots of experience but few results. Insider activities that set her apart from others who do the same thing. She has made many mistakes. That is also why she could make a better President. She has tried and been part of many things that did not work. Now, near the apex of experience, is likely to have a thought process that is better informed of what not to do. This increases the chances of success. The people talking against Hillary see an opportunity to gain or regain a foothold in the direction of government. Much of what you hear in the news, you have to take with a grain of salt.

Truth is, Hillary Clinton does believe in God. Her Christian faith journey is complicated, deep, sophisticated, and well-developed but comes back to the essential of how to improve life for others. The answer to that question is sometimes messy. Things like Obamacare had good intentions behind it for people who struggled with getting healed. The Affordable Care Act didn’t really work out, but it was a step in the right direction in terms of what society in the form of government can do for others.

Controversies do exist with the FBI e-mail scandals, Clinton advisers who had to resign this year due to Wikileaks. I am thankful for Wikileaks. It is an awesome service to society. We have learned that political people actually do the things that people have suspected all along. Interestingly, you cannot really criticize some people with power for behaving the way some people with power typically behave. They want to win, they want a heads up on problems that might be on the horizon. They make deals and try to minimize damage. We must always lobby a protest at these things when they are ultimately not good and work to change the types of decisions made, but never be surprised. We have to look at presidential candidates in the total picture.

Presidents are not saints (very few people are in reality). Not even George Washington. They are people trying to lead and manage a large, complex enterprise. They should not be our moral leaders as that is a situation ripe for corruption of our beliefs. What the culture believes should be separate from the qualifications of the President. Their beliefs can impact their policy decisions but it is not a guarantee. Yet, it is often a good indicator of where they may ultimately try to arrive in their policy decisions. Hillary has a personal faith history and professional civil service history that has messy as well as strong aspects that make her the best qualified person for the position. Even if she is subject to scandal and investigations throughout her presidency, given that her lawyers would deal with most of that, she would still be the most effective person in the position.

One of the problems with the presidency is we put the holder of that office on too high a pedestal. The presidency is not the ultimate dream to be king, it is a job. The presidency is about managing the executive office of the U.S. government. It is primarily an administrative job with lots of paperwork, meetings, councils, weeks and months of deliberations. You need a person skilled in modern, complex, administrative activity so the wool is not easily pulled over their eyes. The president can check the other branches of government, but each president does not really make policy, but they essentially reply back to the U.S. Congress, “is the really a good idea” before they rather carry out policy or protest it with a veto. You need someone who can work through that process carefully and deeply understand the real impact of the legislation they are asked to carry out through the executive offices. Otherwise, their pen might be used to sign anything such as things that sound good, but actually aren’t.

There should be a separation between government and culture. A good president works in the government part and makes that part work better. It can influence culture, but in only so narrow a way. If Hillary becomes President, it could be a good thing. The Affordable Care Act can be revised so it works better; economic policy can be set so it is more likely to deliver over the long-term (rather than a short-term act of political theater that don’t last); and she did say she would work further to help small businesses. That can increase monetary circulation that improves conditions for more people.

Will I regret saying any of this if she does not win? No. Sometimes the best person for a position does not get it. Life moves on.


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